Cat 6 HDBaseT Cable

slide_logo_hdbasetHigh performance Cat 6 cable available in both PVC and LSZH, in black, blue, red, white, grey, pink, orange, yellow or green jackets. TruHD Cat 6 is stocked in 305 metre pull boxes for easy handling and stacking.

The TruHD Cat 6 cable has been tested by the HDBaseT Alliance making it the ideal choice for high speed data networks across a home or building. The HDBaseT standard allows distribution of HD video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power and control across a single Cat 6 cable.


Cat 6 HDBaseT Cable

Used on systems

Part No.DescriptionWeight (kg/km)O/D (mm)ColourJacketPack SizeDatasheet
C6T00-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC Black - CPR Class Eca466.2BlackPVC
C6T01-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC Blue - CPR Class Eca466.2BluePVC
C6T03-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC Red - CPR Class Eca466.2RedPVC
C6T04-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC White - CPR Class Eca466.2WhitePVC
C6T05-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC Grey - CPR Class Eca466.2GreyPVC
C6T06-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC Violet - CPR Class Eca466.2VioletPVC
C6T07-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC Pink - CPR Class Eca466.2PinkPVC
C6T08-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC Orange - CPR Class Eca466.2OrangePVC
C6T09-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC Yellow - CPR Class Eca466.2YellowPVC
C6T10-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP PVC Green - CPR Class Eca466.2GreenPVC
C6TH00-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP LSZH Black - CPR Class Eca466.2BlackLSZH
C6TH01-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP LSZH Blue - CPR Class Eca466.2BlueLSZH
C6TH03-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP LSZH Red - CPR Class Eca466.2RedLSZH
C6TH04-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP LSZH White - CPR Class Eca466.2WhiteLSZH
C6TH06-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP LSZH Violet - CPR Class Eca466.2VioletLSZH
C6TH07-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP LSZH Pink - CPR Class Eca466.2PinkLSZH
C6TH08-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP LSZH Orange - CPR Class Eca466.2OrangeLSZH
C6TH09-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP LSZH Yellow - CPR Class Eca466.2YellowLSZH
C6TH10-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 UTP LSZH Green - CPR Class Eca466.2GreenLSZH
C6TFH01-E00HDBaseT Cat 6 F/UTP LSZH Blue - CPR Class Eca587.2BlueLSZH
  • Pack Lengths Indicator
  • = 100m
  • = 200m
  • = 305m
  • = 500m
  • = Custom Quantity

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