Lutron Cable Blind Control

For precise control of shading, Tru offer a cable designed specifically for use on Lutron blind control system.

Lutron are world leaders in lighting and blind control systems for high-end residential and commercial applications.

This cable is a high quality alternative to the QSH-CBL-M-500 Sivoia shading system, manufactured using LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) throughout. This makes them very ideal for any installations in public buildings or near sensitive electronic equipment.

Tru also offer a range of Lutron lighting control cables from stock.

Lutron Blind Control Cable

Used on systems

Part No.DescriptionWeight (kg/km)O/D (mm)ColourPack SizeDatasheet
1622LCCH-E001 Pair 22awg Foil Screened + 2core Power 16awg LSZH - CPR Class Eca706.1White
  • Pack Lengths Indicator
  • = 100m
  • = 200m
  • = 305m
  • = 500m
  • = Custom Quantity