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Tree Cable Designed For Loxone System

Tree Cable for Loxone System

Tru now stock the all-in-one Tree cable, designed for use for Loxone Tree devices – whether that’s motion sensors, switches or LED spots. Available on 100m, 200m and 500m reels as well as cut to length and all for next day delivery. CPR certified and LSHF versions are also available.

KNX Cable – Now to CPR Class Cca s1a, d1, a1

The CPR class Cca KNX cable from FS Cables (also known as TP1 cable) features two twisted pairs of solid conductor with a foil screen and tinned copper drain wire with a distinctive Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) green jacket. It’s been tested and certified as being suitable for use in KNX systems and bears the KNX logo. A single pair cable, with a reduced outer diameter, is also available from stock, often used as a jumper or patch cable.

Home Automation HD Media Composite Cables

TruHome – HA Composite Cables

Developed with the future in mind, the FSC Tru series of home automation composite cables have been designed for HD media distribution around the home. By combining individual elements such as digital coax, HDBaseT Recommended Cat 5E & Cat 6, fibre, and building control cable in a single jacket, these media composite cables are far less likely to get kinked or damaged which can make installations much easier.

DALI Lighting Control – See the Light!

What is DALI?

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and is part of IEC 60929, an international standard for dimming and digital lighting control communication that’s been around since 2002. DALI is very easy to install, extremely versatile and a cost-effective solution but still has great flexibility and functionality.

TruHD HDBaseT Recommended Data Cables

As a member of the HDBaseT Alliance, FS Cables offers the perfect cabling solution to ‘future proof’ modern buildings.

HDBaseT is the leading standard for distribution of uncompressed HD media over a single cable, with runs up to 100m. The HDBaseT standard allows distribution of HD video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power and control across a single cable, delivering full HD, 3D and 4K video. High quality audio formats including Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD-Master Audio are all supported. Ethernet distribution, control and up to 100W DC power (PoE) are also delivered across the same cable.

Large Range of Lighting Control Cables

FS Cables supply cables for many leading intelligent lighting control systems including Crestron™, Lutron™, Simmtronic™, Thorn™, Control 4™ and KNX®. These systems can create the perfect living or working space, offering the end user substantial energy and cost savings.

Home Automation Composite Cables

The TruHome series of home automation composite cables has been upgraded to include the popular TV100 coaxial cable.

Developed with the future in mind, these composite cables are designed for media distribution around the home. The standard RG6 coax has been replaced with the TV100, which is compatible with the F-Type Self Install connector.

TruVision – High Speed HDMI Leads

FS Cables now stock a range of standard and Ultra Thin HDMI leads, designed to distribute full HD 1080p and 4K video.

As part of the Tru range, these HDMI leads have been manufactured to the highest quality to ensure the best possible connection, while meeting requirements for the current HDMI standard. Both cables feature gold plated contacts and connector body as well as oxygen free conductors/cores, providing the best possible audio visual experience.

HDBaseT Recommended Cat 5E & Cat 6 – Stocked In a Range of Colours

As a member of the HDBaseT Alliance, FS Cables are offering large stocks of HDBaseT Recommended Cat 5E & Cat 6 cables in a range of different colours.

Available in either PVC or LSHF and in 305 metre pull boxes for your convenience, these cables are offered in black, blue, red, white, grey, violet, pink, orange, yellow and green for easy identification.