Home Automation Composite Cables

Designed to carry HD video, HDMI and high speed data, the Tru range of HD Media Composite Cables have been developed with both the present and future in mind. These products contain multiple cables within one jacket, such as HDBaseT Recommended Cat 5E & Cat 6, digital coaxes, control cables and even fibre optic cables. The cables in this range have been designed to meet most applications, for example routing TV and broadband around the home.

The Cat 5E and Cat 6 are able to carry signals at rates far in excess of the standard which allows for large file transfer between devices quickly and without corruption. The digital quad shield coax uses a pure copper core with high braid coverage and a bonded foil aluminium tape providing outstanding screening performance.

The distinctive bright pink jacket colour of these cables allows for quick and easy identification, and each of the seven variants offered has a coloured stripe to denote which elements it contains.