Control4 Cable Lighting Control

Control4™ lighting control cable is stocked in both PVC or LSZH for sensitive areas. LSZH gives off significantly less toxic gas and smoke when burnt compared to traditional PVC, making it a very ideal solution for internal installations.

This cable is an alternative to Belden 1502R and can also be used on other applications requiring power & screened control cores within the same cable.

Control4 Lighting Control Cable

Used on systems

Part No.DescriptionWeight (kg/km)O/D (mm)ColourPack SizeDatasheet
1822ECC-E001 Pair 22awg Foil Screened + 2 core Power 18awg PVC - CPR Class Eca656.4Blue
1822ECCH-E001 Pair 22awg Foil Screened + 2 core Power 18awg LSZH - CPR Class Eca656.4Blue
  • Pack Lengths Indicator
  • = 100m
  • = 200m
  • = 305m
  • = 500m
  • = Custom Quantity