HA3 – Coax & Cat 6 Bundled Cable

Developed with the future in mind, the FSC series of home automation composite cables have been designed for media distribution around the home.

This bundled composite cable features 2 x HDBaseT recommended Cat 6 UTP cables and 2 x TV100 coaxial cables. The standard RG6 coax has been replaced with TV100 coax, which is compatible with our F-Type self-install connectors.

By incorporating all elements in one distinctive outer jacket, the cables offer greater protection and simpler installation with future flexibility.

Coaxial + Cat 6 Bundled Cable

Used on systems

Part No.DescriptionWeight (kg/km)O/D (mm)ColourPack SizeDatasheet
HA3-E001 x Black Coaxial Cable
1 x White Coaxial Cable
1 x Grey Cat 6 UTP
1 x Violet Cat 6 UTP
CPR Class Eca
  • Pack Lengths Indicator
  • = 100m
  • = 200m
  • = 305m
  • = 500m
  • = Custom Quantity