Ultra Thin HDMI Cables

The Tru range of Ultra Thin HDMI cables offer full HD 1080p, UHD, 2K & 4K and Ethernet with runs of up to 20m.

Featuring an ultra thin cable design with high quality gold plated contacts and connector body, these HDMI cables are an ideal connectivity solution for flush mounted TVs, centrally located racks or anywhere space is a premium.

With TV moving inevitably towards Ultra HD and 4K, an increased bandwidth would be required to meet the demands of the higher resolutions and frame rates. The Tru range of HDMI cables are 2.0 compliant, ensuring these higher resolutions and frame rates are supported.

Ultra Thin HDMI Cables

Used on systems

Part No.DescriptionMaterialPack QuantityDatasheet
TSHMM005MINIUltra Thin High-Speed HDMI CablePVC0.5mDatasheet
TSHMM01MINIUltra Thin High-Speed HDMI CablePVC1mDatasheet
TSHMM02MINIUltra Thin High-Speed HDMI CablePVC2mDatasheet
TSHMM03MINIUltra Thin High-Speed HDMI CablePVC3m
  • Pack Lengths Indicator
  • = 100m
  • = 200m
  • = 305m
  • = 500m
  • = Custom Quantity

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