The TruVision range covers a number of digital coaxial cables for distribution of HDTV, satellite TV and CCTV signal. As signal transmission changes from analogue to digital and with the rise of HDTV and higher bandwidth consumption, the performance of coaxial cables has never been more important.

TruVision cables use the best materials and construction methods and are designed to maximise the performance of your equipment. Triple head extruders are used to create ‘skin/foam/skin’ dielectrics with precision foil and braid outer conductors.

The satellite TV TruVision digital coaxes include most popular types, from single and ‘shotgun’ style TV100 and TV125 coaxes as well as external grade versions for outdoor use. High performance RG6 and RG59 are designed to the military specification for radio frequency coaxes to ensure accurate data transmission and HD picture quality.