Home Automation

Home Automation

As lifestyles becoming increasingly digital, the devices and equipment we use to consume digital media are getting more integrated into our homes. No longer a dream of tomorrow, the ‘connected home’ is now very much a reality with more and more properties being either built or retrofitted to include some form of building management system.

Home automation networks combine multiple integrated electronic systems providing entertainment, lighting and building control, heating, security and more.

Digital streaming allows access to HD media, while multiple audio and internet feeds provide access points to different points in the house. Heating, lighting and security systems are also controlled across the network.

As well as entertainment, huge advances in assisted living are made possible for the elderly or infirm. For example, answering the door and allowing remote access to visitors is possible via a control offering increased quality of life.

Home automation systems give complete control of the technology in the home via a central control, either a wall mounted panel, remote control or smart phone or tablet.

Once the preserve of luxury mansions, as the equipment is increasingly becoming more affordable and users are starting to see the benefits, whole home automation systems are entering the mainstream.