Home Automation


As gadgets and new technologies become more integrated into our lives, homes are increasingly seeing the benefits of home data networks once only used in offices or commercial buildings.

High speed data networks allow multiple devices to share centrally stored digital media, printers or an internet connection across the home, offering more secure, reliable connection than WiFi on it’s own.

Connection of internet enabled set top boxes, game consoles, phone systems and media servers is achieved through fast, reliable data transmission.

Media servers allow all your technology to be accessed from a central point. Whether it’s browsing the web or checking emails from a HD TV, or accessing a Blu-Ray movie library from multiple TVs – home networking allows digital content to be shared around the home at a touch of a button.

Your iTunes music library, photo collection or important work backups can be stored in a single location and shared across devices.

Sky or Freeview TV or games consoles can be streamed to different rooms and network attached printers allow printers to be shared by multiple computers.