Home Automation

Satellite & HD

From signal source to the device, the demands of modern digital video require a high performance solution. The Tru range of coaxial cables allows secure, accurate transmission of HDTV, satellite or CCTV distribution around the home with exceptional picture quality.

With Sky+, HD TV, 3D TV and the soon to be here 4k TV revolution the advances in the quality of the picture quality we demand has grown rapidly over the last few years.

Whether it’s live football, the latest blockbuster nature program, more and more TV programmes are being filmed digitally in HD for incredible levels of detail. New TVs to handle this level of picture quality are becoming bigger, thinner and more affordable bringing this technology into the mainstream.

CCTV distribution too has grown both in terms of popularity and quality as we look to protect our homes from unwanted attention, providing crystal clear picture for video surveillance.