Home Automation


Integrated security systems incorporating alarm, CCTV for video surveillance and remote access such as door entry, gate control are all part of the modern home. These critical systems require network performance with clear, reliable signal transmission which won’t let you down.

IP security cameras allow you to monitor and control your home or business from anywhere in the world. Apps for smartphones now allow all this convenience from the palm of your hand.

Integrated security systems offer huge benefits in terms of safety, privacy and security to the end-user. Security sensors linked to the main home or office network combine to trigger custom events, such as heating or lighting when away from home.

Remote access control to a gate or outbuilding is a popular system, to allow entry of guests. Here, cables with multiple elements such as video, control and power are used for complete control. For example, seeing and speaking to a visitor on your TV before granting access via a remote or smartphone.